Deewang Bhamidipati

Deewang beaming
Hi, this is Deewang!

Hey! I’m a 5th year PhD candidate in mathematics at UC Santa Cruz. My first name is pronounced as dee-waang. My advisor is Martin Weissman. More about me →

Bhamidipati CV   CV (Dark Mode)

My research interests lie in arithmetic geometry and algebraic number theory. View my research →

I am an Instructor of Record for MATH 181: History of Mathematics and MATH 11B: Calculus with Applications during the summer. View my teaching →

This summer, I will be a Graduate Student Mentor with Rethinking Number Theory, a Course Assistant for Number Theory at COSMOS and a Graduate Student Researcher working on redesigning the Calculus for Life Sciences series.

Email’s the best way to get in touch:

Friends & Collaborators: Niven Achenjang, Sophie Aiken, Malachi Alexander, Emerald Anne, Santiago Arango-Pineros, Maria Fox, Heidi Goodson, Steven Groen, Jennifer Guerrero, Aashraya Jha, Caleb Ji, Rose Lopez, Sandra Nair, Ryan Pugh, David Rubinstein, Soumya Sankar