Hey! I'm Deewang Bhamidipati, a 4th year graduate student in mathematics at the University of California, Santa Cruz.
(Deewang is pronounced as "thee-waang".)

My research interests lie broadly in number theory and its relation with algebraic geometry and topology; at the moment, I am counting interesting things. My advisor is Martin Weissman. I am passionate about mathematics pedagogy, and communicating mathematics to a general audience. I am committed to promoting inclusivity, diversity and justice in the mathematics community.

Before coming to UC Santa Cruz I received my M.S. in Mathematics from the Higher School of Economics, where I wrote my master's thesis under Vadim Vologodsky; and my B.S. in Mathematics, with a specialization in applied algebra, from Shiv Nadar University.

email: bdeewang [AT] ucsc [DOT] edu