Reading Group on Topological Data Analysis

Winter 2023

This is a reading group convened to learn and understand computational algebraic topology and then topics in Topological Data Analysis, by reading Computational Algebraic Topology Lecture Notes by Vidit Nanda. Other references will be this survey article by Robert Ghrist, along with Justin Michael Curry's PhD Thesis.

We are meeting weekly on Fridays at 11:30 AM in McHenry 4191 (Grad Library).

Participants: Deewang Bhamidipati (Convener), David Rubinstein (Convener), Malachi Alexander, Greyson Meyer, Sylvia Bayard, Albert Zhang, Fulya Tastan, Erol Barut, John Pelias, Shane Kennerly


Dates Sections Presenter
January 13 Chapter 1 Malachi
January 20 Chapter 2 Vaibhav (Guest Speaker)
January 27 Chapter 3 Greyson
February 3 Chapter 4 Albert
February 10 Chapter 5 Sylvia
February 17 Chapter 6 Rafael
February 24 Chapter 7 Deewang
March 3 Chapter 8 Shane
March 10 Applications I John