Reading Group on Stable Homotopy Theory

Winter & Spring 2022

This is a reading group convened to learn and understand Stable Homotopy Theory by reading Foundations of Stable Homotopy Theory by David Barnes, Constanze Roitzheim.

Participants: Shane Kennerly (Convener), Vaibhav Sutrave (Convener), Albert Zhang, Deewang Bhamidipati

Discussion Schedule

Dates Sections Lead
January 20 1.1.1 (Stable Phenomena),
1.1.2 (Freudenthal Suspension Theorem)
January 27 1.1.3 (Homology and Cohomology),
1.1.4 (Properties of a Stable Homotopy Category)
February 3 2.1 (Levelwise Model Structure) Shane
February 10 2.2 (Homotopy Groups of Spectra) Albert
February 17 2.3 (Stable Model Structure),
2.4 (Explicit Fibrant Replacement)
February 24 2.5 (The Steenrod Algebra) Deewang
March 3 2.6 (Adams Spectral Sequence) Shane
Resuming after Spring Break
April 11 Chapter 3 Reading
April 18 Chapter 4 Reading
April 25 5.1 (Orthogonal Spectra) Albert
May 2 5.2 (Symmetric Spectra) Shane