Category Theory Learning Seminar

Winter & Spring 2022

This is a learning seminar on Category Theory, we largely follow the excellent Category Theory in Context by Emily Riehl. Our primary goal is to suplement and complement the need of a graduate student to know Category Theory. We have weekly lectures and problem solving sessions.

Organisers: Deewang Bhamidipati, Vaibhav Sutrave, David Rubinstein

Notes: Category Theory Learning Seminar Notes. updated for Spring.

Spring Problem Sessions

We are meeting every Friday, from 2:30 - 4:00 PM in McHenry 1240 to discuss some problems.

Winter Seminar Schedule

Dates Content Presenter
January 7 Categories Deewang
January 14 Morphisms, Functors Vaibhav
January 21 Natural Transformations Deewang
January 28 Representable Functors, Universal Properties Vaibhav
February 4 Yoneda Lemma David
February 11 Limits and Colimits David
February 18 Limits in \(\mathsf{Set}\) Vaibhav
February 25 Adjunctions Deewang
March 4 Unit-Counit of an Adjunction, Adjunction and Limits Deewang
March 11 Conclusion David & Vaibhav